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Welcome to the official web site of EasyProcure, The Education Procurement Card!
EasyProcure, The Education Procurement Card, is growing fast and so are the rebates! Established in 2005, this procurement card program has numerous benefits to offer including a rebate based on the aggregate total of participants’ purchases. Earn a rebate on the first dollar you spend using your EasyProcure card!
Procurement cards, similar to credit cards but with additional internal control features, were introduced to reduce administrative costs incurred from small dollar purchases in the corporate world. Over the last several years, plastic has become an acceptable means of payment and procurement in Pennsylvania schools due to e-commerce. Although budgetary restraints and internal controls have been concerns, EasyProcure has many special features and benefits that schools can utilize to eliminate these types of concerns.
Here are just a few of the main features offered through the EasyProcure Program:

  • No fee PNC Bank Visa© purchasing card (Accepted anywhere Visa© commercial cards are accepted)

  • Rebates plus bonuses - The rebates are based upon program spend from June 1 to May 31 earning a rebate on the first dollar you spend! (An aggregate total of participants’ purchases during a 12 month period determines the level of rebate earnings.)

  • Customized limitations on each card based on the cardholder’s purchasing needs (daily/weekly/monthly limits, declining balance, MCCs)

  • Integration of card purchases into your existing accounting system

  • Online access - payment allocation and reconciliation capabilities

  • No checks involved; one monthly electronic payment from your PSDLAF account

Save time and generate an EasyProcure rebate on your school’s purchases by joining the program today!
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"Easy Procure cards have allowed the district to operate more efficiently and effectively from the department and building level. Each department and building supervisor can purchase the specific materials that they need for their program by using the vendor that provides the best price and availability of the product. This process has saved the district hundreds of thousands of dollars in clerical and warehousing costs over the last ten years. The district has received an excellent rebate at the end of each year to add to the general fund. We are big supporters of the program."

John W. Friend
Carlisle Area School District
PASA President 2015-16

"EasyProcure combines the convenience and efficiency of P-card purchasing with no-fees and rebate opportunities that are unmatched in the education purchasing industry. It is truly a value added product in every sense of the word."

Patrick M. Sable, PRSBA
Executive Director, PA School District Liquid Asset Fund

"The Easy Procure program offers an added source of income to our District that comes from normal approved purchases that we were going to make anyway. It is really free money. The program is safe and secure. PNC and PSDLAF provide amazing customer service and management of the program. We look forward to our revenue check each July when presented at the Steel Eagle Leadership Institute."

Brent A. Kessler, PRSBA
Business Manager - Board Secretary
Central York School District

EasyProcure, LLC is a joint venture between the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials (PASBO), Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators (PASA), Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA) and the Pennsylvania School District Liquid Asset Fund (PSDLAF) assisting in the marketing efforts.

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