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Rebate Amounts
(Based on Program Spend)
$150,000,000 or Greater
$125,000,000 to $149,999,999
$100,000,000 to $124,999,999
$75,000,000 to $99,999,9991

Program Benefits
The EasyProcure card, a no fee PNC Bank VISA Card, has special customizable features to fit your school’s purchasing activities. Some of the main features are merchant category control; daily, weekly or monthly transaction limits; transaction amount limits and best of all, rebates! Rebates are based on a percentage of total EasyProcure program purchases of all participants. The formula is simple - the more schools participating, the more purchases; the more purchases, the higher the rebate, so spread the word!

EasyProcure Rebate and Bonus Schedule
Frequently Asked Questions
Implementation Guidelines

  • Rebates plus bonuses - The rebates are based upon program spend from June 1 to May 31 earning a rebate on the first dollar you spend!
    (combined participants’ 12-month total volume of purchases minus returns minus cash advances).
  • No card fees
  • Provides streamlined process to authorize, track, pay and reconcile purchases
  • Eliminates manual paper-based PO/check process
  • Typically used for repetitive small purchases and petty cash type items
  • Employees deal directly with supplier
  • Structured as corporate bill, payment and liability
  • Special customizable features to fit your school’s purchasing activities
  • Cardholders receive individualized statements for reconciliation and coding
  • Online payment allocation and reconciliation capabilities
  • No checks involved; one monthly electronic payment from your PSDLAF account
  • Electronic summary statement of all cardholders’ accounts for management review
  • Similar to credit cards but with many additional internal control features
  • PNC VISA Purchasing Card

Sign Up! Application/Informational Sheet

If your entity would like to participate in the EasyProcure program, complete the one-page EasyProcure Informational Sheet and mail the completed form plus three years of your entity's audited financials* to:

2608 Market Place
Harrisburg, PA 17110-9602

*Three years of audited financials are required for underwriting purposes; although a procurement card is not a credit card, a credit check is still required.

Application/Informational Sheet

EasyProcure, The Education Procurement Card
2608 Market Place
Harrisburg, PA 17110
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